Digital 1to1 Love Stories: How Muroexe fell in love with Photoslurp

22 January, 2019 - 5 minutes read

As you know, Digital 1to1 events have become classics of the digital sector in Spain. These networking opportunities bring together hundreds of managers of the largest companies in the country, institutions, eCommerce solutions, as well as experts in digital marketing and transformation. A great environment that is conducive to the emergence of business matching.  Today we bring you once more the Digital 1to1 Love Stories: the story about the love that arose between PhotoSlurp and Muroexe.


Digital 1to1 Love Stories – Chapter 4: Muroexe falls in love with Photoslurp


  • David Morán, Head of Digital & Ecommerce at Muroexe , an online store specialized in the sale of footwear and accessories.


  • Eulogi Bordes, CEO and founder of PhotoSlurp,a visual ecommerce tool that allows you to collect and manage on a single platform all the content that customers have generated talking about a brand and products.

How the crush happened

David Morán tells us how he started this love story between Muroexe and Photoslurp:

When did this love arise?

It was during the October 2017 edition at the Dolce Hotel in Sitges. For a few months we were looking for similar solutions that we had seen in many other ecommerce platforms, but no one was suitable for us because of tohigh costs, foreign support teams and we did not see it clearly. Then, at one of the famous Digital 1to1 afterworks I casually met the alma mater and CEO of PhotoSlurp, Eulogi.

What need / challenge did the company have?

We needed to show the most wearable part of our product, beyond the classic product photographs. Show user experience

How, why and when has the deal been closed?

In that same meeting, it fully adapted to our needs and Eulogi with his team perfectly understood our needs and size, knowing many other ecommerce customers and fashion brands everything was very easy. We had already examined other tools from the US or Germany, very similar but also prohibitive for us

There was ahappy ending ? Tell us what results have been achieved with this crush

We were fullysatisfied. Photoslurp has an exceptional team and every day our relationship grows.

Since we have implemented its tool, we can say that 25.44% of our visitors have clicked on some images from the galleries, and the conversion percentage is 2.7% higher for the clients that interact with the images. As you can imagine we are very happy with the results obtained, we have increased the percentage of  conversion rate of our ecommerce.

The tool gives you a dashboard where you can keep track of the improvements the tool is generating, see the number of interactions, assistance in the purchase and which photos are the most viewed / clicked. We started using this information to use theimages we detect that are most interesting to the public, in our digital campaigns.

We firmly believe that users will increasingly need this type of stimulus to encourage them to purchase. Tools like PhotoSlurp fulfill these needs, besides easing the work of collecting images on social networks to save us many hours of work.

More romances have emerged in Digital 1to1 … and there will be more

Before Pc Componentes and TokyWoky showed us what love and arrows mean in the Digital 1to1 events, then followed by Adidas and Localistico , and lastly Kave Home and Mazeberry joined this long list of romances unleashed at these events.

We will keep you informed about new romances, because love is in the air

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