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Registrations will be open until October 10th, 2018

Best Webshop Startup

  • Selection criteria

    Year created, 2016 or later.

    Considerations: The ability that entrepreneurs have shown to quickly grow their business, get capital, as well as the year of creation and the originality of the idea will be valued.

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Best Webshop Crossborder 2018

  • Selection criteria

    Make more than 60% of your turnover outside of Spain.

    Considerations: The capacity of the company to sell outside Spain will be valued, paying great attention to the total sums.

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Best Mobile Strategy 2018

  • Selection criteria

    Bill more than 30% of your sales via mobile.

    Considerations: The existence of applications for specific mobile devices, and the rate of visits and sales through them will be assessed.

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Best Omnichannel Strategy 2018

  • Selection criteria

    Have at least 3 physical stores.

    Considerations: The way in which the store has synergies between its’ ON and OFF channels will be valued.

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Best Online Marketing Strategy 2018

  • Selection criteria

    To have launched an online marketing campaign.

    Considerations: The actual results at the sales level of the most significant campaigns will be valued as well as the originality of the same.

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Best Digital Transformation Strategy 2018

  • Selection criteria

    Investment in tools in at least 4 of the following categories, in the last 3 years: Collaboration tools, Customer tools, BI tools, Finance & Accounting tools, Communications tools, IT management tools, Human Resources tools and Sales tools.

    Considerations: The economic growth related to the efficiency achieved through the incorporation of digital tools will be valued.

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Best Digital Leader 2018

  • Selection criteria

    Directors or founders who have 10 or more years of experience in the digital sector or 3 years in a company in the sector with a turnover above 50million €

    Considerations: The milestones that you have achieved in your professional career and your contribution to the sector will be assessed.

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Best Webshop Europe 2018

  • Selection criteria

    They are eligible for at least 3 prizes of the above.

    Considerations: Stores will be valued and scored taking into account all the evaluation criteria.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will the nominees / winners get?

    • The winner of a prize receives a commemorative Trophy for the edition and a Diploma certified by Club Ecommerce, with the right to obtain duplicates for its clients and collaborators.

    • Both winners and finalists receive a digital stamp to include on their website.

    • All participants will be published on the Club Ecommerce website and on the corresponding social networks, with a link to the contact site indicated in the registration.

    • All participants will be published on the Club Ecommerce website and on the corresponding social networks, with a link to the contact site indicated in the registration.

    • Free delivery of the press releases of the winners to the media indicated at the time of registration.

    • Inclusion of the winning companies in the press releases of the organization to the specialized press.

    • Right to use the logo and name of the awards indicating the year and recognition obtained.

  • When will the verdict be announced?

    The winners will be announced during the celebration of the awards ceremony and will be published instantly on social networks.

  • When and where is the award ceremony?

    During the gala dinner of Digital 1to1 Europe in June 2018.

  • Where can I find out more about the basis of the contest?

    See the contest rules here.

    If you have any doubts you may write to us at

Success in the Ecommerce Awards 2017

We would like to congratulate all the finalists of the 8th edition of the Ecommerce Awards Spain, as well as thank all the companies that submitted their Entry Forms, partners and staff members.

Click the following link to view or download the pictures from the Ecommerce Awards Spain 2017.

Finalists of the 2017 edition

Best Startup Webshop 2017
  1. lola markets
  2. clicars
  3. lavanapp
Best Webshop Crossborder 2017
  1. big buy
  2. masaltos
  3. justfab
Best Mobile Strategy 2017
  1. promofarma
  2. orange
  3. gym for less
Best Omnichannel Strategy 2017
  1. neck neck
  2. carrefour
  3. leroy merlin
Best Online Marketing Strategy 2017
  1. iberian express
  2. the travel brand
  3. queralto
Best Digital Transformation Strategy 2017
  1. hawkers
  2. movistar
  3. percentil
Best Digital Leader 2017
  1. uvinum
  2. carrefour
  3. neck neck
Best Webshop Spain 2017
  1. promofarma
  2. mam
  3. cooltra