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Digital Marketing

Publicado en Internacional el 05/09/2017

Words like Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy, Ecommerce, Big Data Analytics or Business Marketing are now common language used in every company, regardless of industry or size. The current market brings new challenges on businesses that, in a digitalized world, need to stay on top of the game, informed and up-to-date with new tools that emerge every day. To be able to use them in a more effective way, helping them achieve their goals.




The main trends in Ecommerce are the following:

  1. Improvement of digital security measures for the users to be able to perform transactions and money transfers with the highest levels of confidence, safety and comfort.
  2. The use of Big Data analytic tools to better understand consumers’ shopping tendencies, segmented by niche, to improve effectiveness.
  3. Improvement of web designs, using A/B testing methods, amongst other resources, to optimize the marketing funnel and increase conversion rates.
  4. Strategic alliances to generate more sales through marketplaces like Amazon. Even big multinationals are already working on it.
  5. ROI optimization through results-driven marketing campaigns, creating clear and useful KPIs.



This one’s a key trend and it should be developed in a conscious manner by every business out there. It’s about delivering a brand experience to the customer that is unified, coherent, congruent and effective.

Keep in mind this 5 tips when applying an Omnichannel strategy:

  1. Every channel the company is using should offer a similar experience. Corporate colors, font, images, sensations, attitudes, verbal and non-verbal language, amongst other elements, should all be aligned between the selling channels.
  2. The brand’s personality and values should be stamped in every channel, physical and digital.
  3. Brand identity should be strategically communicated across the channels.
  4. Have at your disposal different quality platforms and channels that will allow you to deliver an enjoyable experience to the consumer.
  5. Be different! Stand out from your competition by offering a unique experience.



There’s a generalized trend in digital transformation. Huge multinationals with the largest market shares are closing physical offices and betting on the digitalization of the firm. This translates into massive savings on fixed costs, which in turn allows them to increase variable costs that are directly linked with customer service and user experience in all of their digital channels, which are now running most of their operations. This means having efficient digital platforms, with great designs and related services, such as 24 hours chat services.


Generate sales in other countries by taking advantage of the digitalization of the firm. As we said before, Digital Ecommerce strategies can change a company’s cost structure. This, in addition to new international logistic solutions emerging constantly, will contribute to the selling of different types of products to consumers and other businesses abroad. In the case of services, this trend is even more relevant, thanks to the digital tools that contribute to a global market.


Mobile marketing is a key element in any business marketing strategy. The great majority of the population owns a smartphone, the percentage is even higher than people who have a desktop at home. The average buyer is getting used to making daily tasks through the phone, such as watching the news, sending emails, banking transactions and browsing through stores and buying. This means that we need to improve substantially the user experience in the mobile channel, look into areas like responsive design, security tools, payment platforms, etc…


Today there are innovative ways of finding the necessary funding for a project or new launches. In the same way, to invest in initiatives or entrepreneurship activities that are really worth it and can add value to a company or private investor has never been easier. Crowd funding platforms or webs targeting investors and entrepreneurs can be surprisingly interesting and profitable.

Definitely, companies have to be, now more than ever, up-to-date with digital marketing tools and digital trends. Companies such as EDIT-PLACE,  an international digital solution, experts in multilingual editorial strategy, writing and translation of exclusive online content, or Taboola an online advertising company that helps to achieve the objectives of companies, increasing brand awareness while consuming content of their interest, will be this next October 19th and 20th in Sitges, Barcelona, where the best encounter for digital leaders will take place. Digital 1to1 Europe is a strategic decision to keep up-to-date with the newest trends in Digital Transformation, E-commerce Business, Marketing Strategy, Big Data, Analytics, Omnichannel, amongst others. On top of that, it’s the perfect space for you to build and develop your business network with the right people and companies to boost this new digital tools in the firm. You can sign up here!